Contemporary version

The Utrechts collective of comic artists and illustrators, The Inkwell (de Inktpot), made a modern version of the 9th century Utrechts Psalter. The illustrations were published in a book and exhibited in the Dom, the cathedral in the center of Utrecht.


A psalter is a songbook from the bible, the old testament. Both christens as jews still use it for prayers and sermons. The Utrechts Psalter is probably made around 830 in or near the French city of Reims. Archbishop Ebbo of Rheims wanted a present for the newborn grandchild of Charles the Great. It had several owners till it ended up in Utrecht in 1716. It consists of 150 psalms en 16 songs and all of these are beautifully, almost comic like illustrated. The original illustrations made by a team of 6 artists were revolutionary and for centuries used as inspiration.

It’s been added to the Memory of the World Register of UNESCO and completely digitalised in 2013.