De Schone Zakdoek (The Clean Handkerchief) was an underground surrealistic magazine that was published during World War II (1941 - 1944) in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Next to surrealism, Dadaism as well was an inspiration.

Utrecht, where the editors of the magazine Gertrude Pape and Theo van Baaren lived, was a city with a concentration of painters and poets that made surrealistic work.


In 2014, 70 years after the appearance of #35/36, the last issue, there was one more number made to commemorate the magazine.

A group of 24 contemporary artists contributed work for #37. 

Only one

Every edition existed of one issue for several reasons. Paper or print facilities were hard to come by during the war and with only one magazine for each edition, it was easy to restrain it from censorship. Also, it wasn’t hard to keep it unnoticed and contributions that were complex to make only had to be made once. Every reader just passes the magazine on to the next.