'Lion’s Roar is an independent non-profit foundation whose mission is to communicate Buddhist wisdom and practices in order to benefit people’s lives and our society, and to support the development of Buddhism in the modern world’.

The foundation publishes books and has two magazines: Budddhadharma and Lion’s Roar Magazine. For both I’ve made illustrations but mostly for Lion’s Roar Magazine.

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How to Deal with difficult People (and not be one ourself)

Tips by seven Buddhists to help you whem confronted with annoying behaviour from others or yourself.

Article by Karen Kissel Wegela.


'Great meditators before us have laid out the path, but how can we be sure we’re following it genuinely'?

Written by Carolyn Rose Gimian.


The Lion’s Roar foundation is directly related to publisher Shambhala Publications. Liza Matthews, the art director of Lion’s Roar Magazine, re-used one of the illustrations of the article ‘Genuine’ for the cover of a book about meditation that was published by Shambhala Publications.


Put your compassion into action

A discussion with philosopher Peter Singer and philanthropist Julia Wise who talk with author Matthieu Ricard about why altruism leads to innumerable benefits.

The art of living

Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart in an article how to develop more self-compassion by rewiring your brain.

What's your pattern?

Habitual reactions and how to free yourself from your own. Article by Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein.

Why is America so angry?

Seth Greenland talks about what we can do about being so mad.

The Road Home

Ethan Nichtern about our reactions when we start talking about ethics: apathetic, defensive or judgemental.

Beyond fight or flight

Stress and how we react on it.

Written by Gabriel Cohen.


John Manderino about eating the Zen way.

The Myth of multitasking

Tips for 'getting work done well without getting worked up' by Sharon Salzberg.